The Heart of Argentina Beats in Buenos Aires in an Imposing Way
Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and its biggest city. It is the cultural, commercial and administrative center of the country and a fantastic idea to travel as well. It is about a modern city that provides all kind of comforts to its citizens and visitors, combining history and realism at the same time.

Despite of being renovated and developed in a modern city, Buenos Aires still has some romantic and lovely neighborhoods to show. Palermo, La Boca and Belgrano are only a few of the places you may go in order to feel the unique atmosphere of the Argentinean capital. Hotels, shops, café, restaurants, monuments, museums and other points of interest will unwrap in front of your eyes, while the fantastic seafront district of Puerto Madero will certainly enslave your senses. Argentinean temperament is also obvious if you decide to attend to a dancing performance. The famous tango has Argentinean origin, while other several kind of art are also performing, such as the famous Fuerza Bruta, a magical theatrical experience that everybody should watch. For panoramic views of the city the Puente de la Mujer is ideal. It is about a modern bridge, where you may walk, admire the view, take photos and taste local specialties from plenty restaurants and bars that are located there. Families can also have some places to spend quality time and Zoo Buenos Aires is one of them. Adults may feel like children again after such a visit and in order to keep kidding, a photo next to the national comic character, the Mafalda’s Statue, will surely help them. Furthermore, you might combine fun and leisure in the Tierra Santa, the world's first religious theme park with exact reproduction of the Biblical Jerusalem and actors in costumes starring as Romans, Jews and Christians.

For a good start all the above are splendid options, but it depends on you to find out even more. Do not rest and try to discover as many points of interest as you can. Buenos Aires is full of attractions!